Chocolate Poke Cake From Scratch

This is very yummy! I am always afraid of making recipes I see on pinterest because I have been so excited about a recipe then it turns out tasting aweful. I try and read comments before making something but some times all there are are a bunch of comments saying it LOOKS good nothing stating that they tried it and it was good. This said lol it is a very good recipe. I did however have to change a couple of things with the pudding. I did not have corn starch so I used flour so if anyone runs in to tha problem they can use 1tbl of cornstarch=3 tbl of flour. And I ran out of cocoa so had to use part cocoa and part chocolate cooking bar. It probably would have been better if I was able to follow the recipe exactly but it still turned out great! Also, I did not let it sit for 4 hours. For one, I don’t like cold cake and for two I am not that patient lol. I ate a piece after about a hour of it being in the fridge so it was still a little warm and gooey.

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